Shop local: week 4

Jess Henshall

In the age of online, shopping on the internet has become something none of us even think about anymore, it's completely normal. It’s almost strange to think of a time when it wasn’t possible to do online shopping, let alone the idea of next day delivery and international shipping, and yet that is what we’re surrounded by all day everyday. 

In the fight to keep our high streets from collapse, big online retailers are one of the biggest “enemies” to local retailers. A lot of people now choose to do grocery shopping and convenience shopping online as it doesn't require leaving the house or much thought. But did you know that shopping online isn't always cheaper? Lots of independent retailers stock local products or produce which hasn’t had to travel miles, meaning cost of transportation is eliminated so the products are cheaper. Also, most independent and local shops employ people who are passionate and knowledgeable of the products they stock, so you get a hands on experience from people who can help you find out more about the products you want to buy.

If you do choose to shop online (for example if you cannot get hold of an item locally, or if you are looking for more specialist products) then why not choose to shop with an independent online shop, one who has the same values as your local retailers and who are passionate about sustainable retail. 

So, this week why not try to only shop in local, independent businesses to avoid online shopping, or (if you cannot get hold of what you need locally) choose independent online shops.