Shop Local: week 3

Jess Henshall

However much we try to cook at home most of the time, there are always those days where we don’t feel like making food, are too tired or just don’t have anything in the house. When those moments hit, why not choose to eat at a local, independent business? Did you know that if each of us choose to spend just £100 a year more in local businesses (instead of chain stores), it would put an extra 3 million pounds back into our economy and generate thousands more jobs every year! It’s a crazy statistic but it’s true. So when those pangs of hunger hit, by choosing to eat at or from a local business, it does good for the community and you get yummy food.

Another reason to choose to eat locally is that a lot of independent cafes, restaurants and takeouts are choosing to use local produce, often organic, which means you’re supporting a local business, who is supporting another local business and so on. Chain stores mostly use preprepared packaged food which is reheated and served to you, so what you’re paying for isn’t fresh, local or particularly exciting.

If we want to keep our high-streets from collapse, then the only way we can do this is through shopping locally and supporting communities. So what small change can you make today to have an impact? For lunch or dinner, instead of spending that money on a chain takeaway store or restaurant/cafe, choose to spend it in a local independent takeout, cafe or restaurant! It's as simple as that - just transferring money from chain shops to independent ones! Of course not all of us can do everything locally, but when it comes to eating out most of us can change the way we shop.

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