Let's talk about natural cosmetics

Jess Henshall

When deciding to switch to a more natural lifestyle, it’s easy to forget that what we put on our skin can be as important as what we eat. Unfortunately most makeup brands fill their products with artificial chemicals, parabens and animal products that are harmful for our skin and the planet. Luckily there are loads of new makeup brands on the market who are making natural, organic and vegan friendly makeup including Pacifiica, Lily Lolo, Inika, Ere Perez, Benecos and loads more. We don’t stock all these brands, but we are passionate about finding out more about green beauty and always aim to stock the best products we can. 

So, why use natural makeup products? 

Eco friendly

Because there are no harsh chemicals used in these products, and the ingredient list contains recognisable names, there isn't a harmful impact of the environment. Many organic makeup companies also use recycled or refillable packaging to further reduce the environmental impact that their products have. 

Gentler on the skin

As there are no chemicals involved in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics, the products are very gentle on the skin, and also allows your skin to breathe as there are no chemicals clogging the pores. Lots of skin problems are caused by the chemicals from unnatural makeup, and then worsened as people use makeup to cover up the problem, creating a cycle of worsening skin. Using natural products allows your skin to breathe and look great whilst not being damaged.

Helps your skin

Lots of natural makeup companies use healing ingredients such as arnica, which is great for products like concealer as it covers up blemishes whilst healing them, so is a win win process. 


The problem many of us can face when switching to natural cosmetics is the smaller range of makeup available to us. It can feel very overwhelming due to the seeming lack of choice, mainly because high street stores don't stock natural beauty products. Once you look more into natural beauty products, however, there are so many products out there that are even better than the unnatural equivalent.