Lets talk about ethics

Jess Henshall
Image source: http://thenotepasser.com/blog/2013/9/15/ethical-shopping-sites

As an independent shop, we are passionate about the ethical approach to the products we stock. We are a vegetarian shop and cafe, so are strong believers in looking to reduce our impact on the planet, people and animals. We are constantly looking to improve the ethics of our shop, whether that be through the companies we choose to stock, or using organic produce in our cafe. Here are some of the things we look at as a business:


We believe that the luxury items we stock, such as chocolate, shouldn’t come at the expense of someone else. The Fairtrade symbol, as well as other ethical fair pay organisations, ensures that workers are being treated well, as well as paid the fair amount, so that companies do not exploit their workers. Unfortunately we live in a world where people are exploited for their work, so we believe that our luxuries and lifestyles shouldn't come at the cost of someone else’s livelihood. 


Organic is something that is important to us, as it helps the environment as is better for our bodies. In Organic September our customers were able to sample lots of different organic products we stock, and it showed the versatility of the soil association label, as it is something that is becoming more mainstream.  


This is an area that is constantly expanding with the increase in vegansim in mainstream lifestyles, which we wrote about in a recent blog post. Veganism is about living a lifestyle that doesn't cause harm to animals, deriving of a plant based diet. We are always excited abut the new products we stock, as it shows the versatility of this lifestyle, and always makes our kitchens more inventive with trying new vegan dishes. 


Being an independent shop ourselves, we understand the competition between local shops and big retailers. At Archie’s we’re passionate about buying local where possible, as it supports local producers and farmers, and earth miles (the amount of miles your food has travelled to reach you) are drastically reduced. We stock local companies such as Cove Chocolate, Raw Chocolate Pie and The Cornish Seaweed company, to name a few, and we also sell local and organic produce. At Archie Browns PZ we are currently stocking organic produce from the PEAT project, an organisation set up to encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds to improve their quality of life through sustainability.