Eco shimmer and glow - a diy recipe and an easy fix

Jess Henshall

One of the best parts about summer is the festival season, glowy makeup and glitter. Most of us love a good sparkle, but recently concerns have been raised about the amount of plastic wasted from glitter. Luckily, there are two main ways to get a good sparkle and shimmer this summer, without contributing to harming the environment.

  1. Biodegradable glitter

Made out of plant cellulose, biodegradable glitter gives you all the sparkle you’d expect from glitter, but will fully compost down back into the environment. We love the brand Eco Stardust, based in Exeter, as they are dedicated to biodegradable packaging, helping the environment, and making the most gorgeous glitters. 

They’re really easy to apply for long lasting sparkle - just melt a little bit of coconut oil, or an oil based balm, and apply to where you want the glitter to stick. Then, just pat on the glitter and ta-da! All day sparkle!

2. DIY shimmer cream eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter

Last week we shared a recipe for a DIY lip balm, and this week we’ve adapted that recipe to make the easiest DIY shimmery cream eyeshadows, bronzers and highlighters! The amazing thing about this recipe is that it’s one base, which can be customised by using different mica powders. And, each colour is multi purpose as they can be used for eyeshadows, tinted highlighters and bronzers!

What is mica powder?

Mica powder is what is used in most natural beauty products - they’re what give cream eyeshadows, cream highlighters and cream bronzers they're colour and glow. Mica is a natural mineral mined from the earth, and is completely natural and irritant free for most people. 

What we love about this recipe (other than how easy it is) is that you can use each product in different ways. Ways to use your recipe:

  • as a cream eyeshadow (pretty much any colour works well for this, from more subtle metallic colours to bold purples and blues)
  • as a highlighter for the cheek bones (pale shimmery colours work best for this, such as white/silver or a light pink)
  • as a bronzer (use a bronze colour for this to give the cheeks a sun kissed look)
  • as a lip shimmer (apply some lip balm to the lips as a base, then 

They are best applied with fingers as you can melt the mixture into your skin for long lasting shimmer. As the recipe sets harder, use the back of your nail to scrape some of the eyeshadow/highlighter/bronzer and apply with your fingertip - when applied to the eyelids the eyeshadow may crease due to the nature of cream eyeshadows. As they are applied with the fingers, they are perfect for travelling with as they are multipurpose, easy to apply and small to carry around. 

What colour to choose:

In the photo we’ve used a rose gold mica powder, which gives a lovely shimmery subtle pink colour, and is wonderful as a lightly tinted highlighter. We also love bronze as this doubles as a bronzer and cream eyeshadow, whilst choosing a silver mica powder works amazingly for a highlighter and cream eyeshadow. The different colours are endless, as mica powder can be purchased online in a whole range of different colours - we love the shimmery ones best! 


The Recipe

What you’ll need

  • a small heatproof bowl or jug (we recommend a small jug as this is easier to pour into the tins)
  • electronic scales 
  • small tins, glass pots or lip balm tubes (for easy application) (this recipe makes 20ml of lip balm, enough for one 20ml tin, two 10ml tins or four 5ml tins)
  • saucepan 
  • water


  • 10g coconut oil
  • 5g shea butter 
  • 5g beeswax 
  • 1tsp mica powder


  • if you don’t have a double boiler, place the saucepan on a low heat with boiling water inside. Place the small bowl in the saucepan (this prevents the heat from directly hitting the ingredients as this would denature the amazing properties of the ingredients and they wouldn’t be as beneficial to the skin)
  • add the beeswax to the bowl first and allow this to melt - coconut oil and shea butter are much easier to melt so these are added once the beeswax has melted 
  • once the beeswax has melted, add the coconut oil and shea butter and allow to melt
  • once everything has properly melted, add the mica powder, stir thoroughly and pour the mixture into the lip balm tins (you’ll have to be quick as the mixture will begin to set straight away)
  • leave the lip balms to set - the smaller your tins, the quicker they will set, so for 5ml tins this will only take a couple of minutes

To apply:

- as the recipe sets harder, if you cannot get enough eyeshadow by rubbing your finger round, use the back of your nail to scrape some of the eyeshadow/highlighter/bronzer and apply with your fingertip. 


  • use a beeswax alternative for a vegan friendly recipe 
  • try different mica powders for different colours and shimmers