Eco drinks on the go

Jess Henshall

As the weather gets warmer, cold drinks become more of a necessity during the day, whilst warm drinks are perfect for summer evenings on the beach. Unfortunately, with the summertime comes a lot of waste, with our beaches littered with plastic straws, coffee cups, plastic smoothie cups and more. It doesn’t have to be like this, however, and today we’re sharing two of our favourite eco friendly drink options to cut down on waste.

Our first favourites are metal and bamboo straws, a fantastic swap for conventional plastic straws. Even better than paper straws (which are biodegradable) these straws can be reused again and again, and won’t go soggy in your drink. Everyone has a preference between metal and bamboo straws, but both are really good value due to the reusability. Whilst they’re not like a standard straw experience, once you get used to them you won’t turn back, they’re that good. 

Our second favourite is of course Chilly’s bottles. If you follow us over on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ll have most likely seen our love for these bottles, we just cannot get enough. What you might not realise, however, is the magic of these bottles - they’re not your standard water bottle. Much lighter and more stylish than a flask, they can keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours (it doesn’t get much better than that!) This means you can take cold drinks on the go, and hot drinks. Plus they come in a whole range of different colours and patterns, so there’s definitely something for everyone. 

Our favourite things to have in our Chilly’s:

  • ice cold water (unbeatable in the hot summer sun)
  • herbal teas (perfect in cooler evenings)
  • smoothies (yes, you can keep your smoothie cold all day long!)
  • cocktails and wine (for summery evening picnics)
  • milkshakes (ideal for the little ones (or big ones))
  • anything that is in liquid form

Tips with your Chilly’s bottle:

For hot drinks:

  • temper your bottle before hand - pour boiled water into the bottle, place the lid on and leave for a minute or two to warm up. This helps the bottle to keep hot drinks hot
  • if you’re going to be drinking it soon, make your drink to a drinkable temperature as it will maintain this for a couple of hours. if you’re not drinking it until about 6 hours later, don’t add any cold water to the drink

For cold drinks:

  • put ice in your bottle to keep your drink ice-cold for hours - the ice will stay solid for hours and hours 

If you have a chilly’s, or use metal or bamboo straws, we’d love to know what you think! Let us know over on our social media pages