Nut roast leftovers 5 ways

Jess Henshall

It comes to boxing day and, if you come from a veggie household, you find yourself stuck with what to do with left over nut roast. Of course, you could reheat it and use it up that way, but why not make something brand new from your leftovers! Here are 5 ways to use up your leftover nut roast:

Vegan sausage rolls

One of my favourite ways to use up leftover nut roast is making veggie sausage rolls out of the mix. Just take ready made puff pastry (most varieties are vegan friendly) and roll your nut roast into sausage-like shapes to fill the pastry with. Roll the pastry into one large sausage roll, using either egg (for a veggie option) or vegan margarine (for a vegan option) to stick the pastry to itself. Then cut the large sausage roll into smaller ones and cook for 15-25 minutes until puffed and golden brown. 

Vegan burgers

Roll the left over mix into balls and press down to create little patties. Shallow fry with good quality oil to lock in the flavour. Enjoy with fresh salad and greens for a light post-christmas meal.


Simply grind up the cooked nut roast in a food processor, and enjoy added to a tomato sauce for a veggie bolognese.

Crumble topping

Do the same as above, but sprinkle over a veggie crumble filling for a healthy and warming dish. Why not try a winter roots filling with leeks, potatoes, swede and celeriac, with a wholemeal béchamel sauce. 

Sandwich filler

Christmas is a crazy time of year and after the madness of Christmas day cooking might be the last thing on your mind. Luckily, leftover nut roast makes the perfect sandwich filler, especially when paired with cranberry sauce, bread sauce and leftover veggies - yum!

We hope this gives you some yummy recipe ideas, and that you have a wonderful holiday!