Veganuary - 10 simple swaps to becoming vegan

Jess Henshall

Over recent years, one of the things that comes with January is the rise is people taking part in Veganuary, following a vegan diet and lifestyle for a whole month. There are varying reasons why you might decide to take part, whether that be focussed on cruelty free living, dietary, or the environment, however whatever your reasons might be, here are 10 easy swaps to make your vegan journey easier.  


Swap this for a non-dairy milk such as almond, oat or soya. Oat milk is a good option as it is inexpensive in comparison to other alternatives, and acts as the perfect neutral base for both sweet and savoury drinks and foods. 


Brown rice syrup or agave syrup both have a similar thickness to honey, and are a great option for a subtle sweetness.

Eggs (for baking)

Flax eggs work really well in baking as a binder instead of eggs. You’ll need to use ground flax for this as the whole flaxseeds (or linseed as it is also called) do not create the same end product. For one egg, mix together 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with 3 tablespoons of water and leave to sit for 15 minutes until it forms a gel, then use it in place of eggs in baking. 

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled tofu is a really great substitute here, as eggs can be a really hard thing to replicate. For one person, crumble half a block of tofu into an oiled pan with some finely chopped or grated garlic and begin to fry, lightly browning the tofu. Add ground pepper, 1/4 tsp dried oregano, a splash of tamarin or soy sauce, 1 tsp nutritional yeast flakes and 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder. Cook until everything is combined and warmed through.


Luckily there are loads of different vegetable oil spreads now on the market, meaning dairy-free eating is much for accessible. You can also often use coconut oil in place of butter in most recipes. 

Parmesan cheese

Nutritional yeast flakes have a subtle cheese flavour, which when mixed with sea salt and ground cashews creates a remarkably parmesan like substitute, ideal for sprinkling over spaghetti.


Coconut milk is often a good alternative to cream, such as in baking or for making chocolate truffles. You can also whip it by storing it in the fridge overnight and then only using the thick creamy part which rises to the top on the can. 

Egg whites

Aquafaba, the water found in tins of chickpeas, is commonly used as a replacement for egg whites in baking and making vegan mairrangues. Simply keep the water from the tin of chickpeas and whip into firm peaks as you would with mairrangues. 


Most dark and raw chocolate is vegan, however brands such as Moo Free specialise in dairy free milk chocolate alternatives, you don't have to be without your favourite chocolate. 


Tofu and tempeh are both good options for a meat alternative. There are loads of already made meat free products available, however if you want something more simple with only one or two ingredients, then tofu and tempeh may be more your thing.