veganism: is there more than one way to be vegan?

Jess Henshall

This weekend, Archie Browns had the pleasure of having a stand at Cornwall Vegan festival, which (once the sun was shining) turned into a lovely day. It really is amazing to see how quickly veganism is expanding, and how for each person it means a different thing. With so many people turning vegan, it’s becoming more mainstream, making it easier to eat a plant based diet and find food on the go. Although there are more people choosing to live a vegan lifestyle, there are so many different variations of veganism, and today we thought we’d break them down a bit for you.

For the animal vegan: eats a plant based diet for animal welfare 

  • doesn’t wear leather and wool or eat honey
  • is vegan for animal welfare above all else

For the planet vegan: eats a plant based diet to help the planet

  • avoids palm oil as this is destructive for both the environment and the people/animals who live there
  • may choose to wear ethical wool as it is a natural fibre unlike plasticised materials 

For health vegan/plant based: eats a plant based diet for health reasons

  • avoids heavily processed vegan foods for health
  • will opt for nutrient rich plant based foods over “vegan junk food”

A mix of all three: eats a plant based diet for the planet, for health and for the animals 

  • may still wear wool as it is a natural fibre which will biodegrade, but will source wool ethically 
  • may eat nutrient rich vegan food most of the time, but will have more processed foods as a treat

There are no rules to how you live your life, or what you eat, and for a lot of people, the “mix of all three vegan” works well as it is a balanced approach to living your life more ethically in all areas, but no one is perfect and it’s all about finding what works for you. 

Of course this isn't a definitive list, and veganism can mean different things for different people, but hopefully this helps to show the variety that sits under one umbrella of “vegan”, and just like all labels there is more than just one way to be vegan.