Student giveaway - what's included?

Jess Henshall


A couple of weeks ago we announced a new giveaway for students, which you can enter on both our Archie Browns Penzance Facebook and Instagram pages. The competition is to win a student hamper, so we thought we'd share the details of the giveaway prize*, so you can see what you've got the chance of winning, or to give you ideas of putting together your own student hamper as a present for friends or family away at university. 


One of our favourite zero waste brands, Splosh use waterless refills for everyday cleaning products, so that you can refill your products for less expense and without waste. Also, because the refills are waterless, there is no weight so the refills can be easily transported to and from uni. 

BAM bamboo socks

We love bamboo socks, with their ability to regulate the temperature of your feet. They're much softer than regular socks and retain this even after lots of washes, plus they're better for the environment and look nice too. 

Dr Bronner hand sanitiser

Conventional hand sanitisers are filled with so many chemicals, but this organic one from Dr Bronner is an essential item for uni and college to keep hygiene levels up. Plus, it’s lavender scented, so doesn’t have the horrible smell of unnatural ones. 

Dr Bronner pure castille soap

This formula is so concentrated, that you only need a few drops, unlike many other soap brands. Ideal for students, this product can be used in 12 different ways, including shower gel, washing up liquid, laundry liquid when hand washing, toothpaste, shampoo and more! Plus it’s fantastic when it comes to cleaning marks off clothes (think pasta sauce on a light coloured top!), as it acts like a really good stain remover but is completely natural and organic. 

Kallo stock cubes

An essential for uni cooking, stock cubes can help turn something rather bland into a tasty (and edible) meal. When you’re budgeting your cooking, stock cubes can come in handy!

Purition protein powder 

These little sachets make vegan protein very accessible and easy. You can simply add it to a milk of your choice, or whizz it up into a smoothie - the great thing is that even if you don't have a blender, you can just stir it into a liquid and it will still work. 

Chia seeds

Such a great source of omegas and fibre, chia seeds are a student’s best friend. They expand when mixed with liquid, so can be great as a quick and easy breakfast, and make you feel fuller for longer. 

Organico cotton wool buds

A fantastic eco friendly alternative to the standard cotton wool buds, these Organico ones are biodegradable and gentler on the body. 

Lemon Myrtle essential oil

A must for college and uni rooms - you can either diffuse into the room using an oil burner, eco diffuser or reed diffuser to make your room smell fresh.  

Engivita nutritional yeast flakes

An essential source of B vitamins for vegetarians and vegans, and tastes amazing sprinkled on pasta, stirred into meals or mixed into gravy or soups. 

Bamboo toothbrush

An eco alternatives to the usual toothbrushes, this one is biodegradable and much kinder on the gums.


For when those 9am or 4pm lectures are taking their toll, these vitamin C energy boosters are fantastic mixed into water for quick pick-me-up. 

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* items are subject to availability