Shop local: week 5

Jess Henshall

If there is one reason to shop in local, independent businesses (other than to support the high street and its workers) it’s that by shopping small, you open up a world of expertise. Most independent business owners and employees are highly knowledgable in the products they are making or stocking, and by choosing to shop here you are allowing yourself to be invited into this wealth of knowledge. It can be daunting sometimes to find answers to your questions about products, but by shopping from people who are experts in their field then you are bound to find the answers in a stress free way.

More likely than not, these makers and sellers are passionate about what they do, especially small food and clothing companies who put care into their products and take a more ethical approach to their business. It’s an amazing thing to be able to support people who are passionate about what they do, as in turn it makes YOU feel passionate and happy, and so the circle carries on. 

If you care about where you put your money in terms of ethical approaches to making and selling products, then shopping local and shopping independent is the way to go. If someone cares about the products they are selling, then it is likely that they care about where that product has come from, and who has helped it get from raw materials to the products we see on the shelves. They might not always label their products as Fair Trade, ethical or labour free, but a simple ask will get you the answer, and you’ll often be surprised at how ethical local shopping can be. 

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