Shop local: week 2

Jess Henshall

One of the first things most of us look at when deciding to switch to shopping locally is food shopping. It’s an easy switch to make and one of the most rewarding changes as it benefits everyone involved. This week we’re talking all about food shopping as part of our six week guide to shopping locally. 

Unlike other areas of retail, shopping for food locally is often cheaper than supermarket produce and you know it hasn’t travelled miles to reach your plate. It also means that you end up eating seasonally as it’s what’s been grown in the local area and climate. A lot of local farmers don’t spray their produce with any chemicals or pesticides, but aren’t necessarily labelled organic, so it’s always good to ask as quite often they will be perfectly safe and clean. 

By shopping for food locally it supports local farmers, market holders and independent food shops (like us!) which enables them to keep producing. It’s also a much more sustainable way to shop as supermarkets waste unimaginable amounts of produce every day due to imperfections which don't effect taste or performance, only appearance. 

So, why shop for food locally?

  • reduce food miles
  • support local farmers
  • shop and eat seasonally
  • develop a relationship with the market holders and independent retailers
  • it’s often easier to find organic
  • more sustainable as less waste