Shop local: week 1

Jess Henshall

As an independent business we are passionate about shopping locally and supporting other small businesses and brands. Our new year’s resolution as a business is all about shopping locally, and we want to share this ethos with our customers and followers. For the next 6 weeks we’re bringing you our guide to shopping local where possible, to benefit our high streets, money and sense of community. This week we’re talking about why we should shop local where possible and the impact it can have.

It is all about a constant cycle: if we buy from local businesses and farmers, their produce is being bought in the community it is grown or made in. If we show support to these independent brands, they are more likely to spend their money (made from us buying their products) in the same local community, which means the money is constantly being recycled through the community, and stays within it, meaning the local area will thrive from constant support. 

Firstly, when we buy food from supermarkets, we are also buying food miles, the miles our food has had to travel to reach our plates. This leads to unnecessary pollution of our environment as well as food being travelled across the country (or even the world) when most of it can be found on our doorsteps. Week 2 is all about food shopping so we’ll talk about this issue (and it’s solution) in more detail then, but in short it’s all about shopping seasonally to support local farmers. This keeps local farmers in business, and means that the food they’re growing is being bought in the community it is grown in.

Similarly, this support for local farmers, businesses and workers keeps our high streets from collapse as money is constantly being put back into the community, rather than to the hands of big chain stores. It creates a real sense of community as everyone knows each other from shopping in each other’s businesses, which only leads to more support as getting to know someone in a passionate business makes you more likely to shop there, and them at yours. 

Shopping locally is a much more sustainable option as it creates stable livelihoods, lifelong friendships and a thriving community. Lessening food miles, choosing to shop from independent business, buying from passionate and knowledgeable people, and making small differences in our everyday approach to shopping makes for a sustainable system, which can be ‘sustained’ for years to come. 

Join us in the pledge to shop local and follow our 6 week guide to supporting local businesses.