Setting spring intentions

Jess Henshall

Hello spring! After a very late winter it finally feels like spring is here, with summer a mere breath away. 

We’re now a third of the way through 2018, quite hard to believe considering we’ve only recently been hit with snow blizzards and icy temperatures, but we are officially heading into the warmer months of the year. Though New Year was four months ago, the beginning of April is a lovely time to check in with ourselves and set new intentions for the rest of the year. Often New Years resolutions set us up to fail, or we forget about them within the first couple of months of the year, which is why now is a great time to imbed some positive thinking and set some goals.

Setting goals should never come with added pressure - none of us need more stress or anxiety in our lives. Instead they should be about widening your passions and talents, supporting what you are already doing and opening up opportunities in life. Or, if you are taking on too much, take now as an opportunity to relieve stress and pressure - reevaluate what it is that is making you unhappy and find a means to turn situations positive. 

Some ideas for goal setting:

  • now the weather is warming up and the sun is hopefully wanting to shine, setting goals to get outside more and away from technology is a nice productive goal to set, and is one that can be achieved on your own or with other people
  • perhaps you want to reduce your waste and look to shopping locally? Well, now is the time to set that in action as more and more produce is coming into season locally, meaning farmer’s markets and local grocery shops are offering more abundant variety
  • for most of the UK it’s the Easter holidays, and if you’re lucky enough to have time off over the next couple of weeks, why not have a go at some new crafts, like gardening, natural dyeing, paper art or just something different to normal (you can always surprise yourself at your talents)
  • create time to unwind. Relaxation is often underrated, but it’s the supporting groundwork for creative minds to be able to flourish and grow. If plants are not watered and given enough sunshine then they will often die, and the same can be said for creative thinking. Give yourself time to switch off so that the pressure doesn’t build and destroy you