The Plastic Free Promise: week 6

Jess Henshall

When it comes to going plastic free, on the road to reducing our impact on the world, it’s all about the small differences. The final week of our Plastic Free Promise (a guide to reducing our use of plastic) is all about these small differences, and how if all of us only changed one thing, then the world would be a much cleaner environment. The ultimate goal is to make all of these changes and try to go as plastic free as possible, but of course we are all human and in such a consumeristic society it might be impossible to go completely plastic free, which is okay, as our ethos is all about doing what you can on your budget, and not giving yourself a hard time if you can’t do it all, all of the time. 

Here are 20 small differences that make 1 massive change to our world.


  • use metal or paper straws
  • bring your own food with you on the go to avoid excess packaging of takeaway food
  • take your own coffee cup
  • cook from scratch to avoid excess packaging
  • bring your own container for takeaway food
  • use reusable baking sheets rather than disposable ones, or beeswax wraps in place of clingfilm


  • bring your own shopping bag
  • choose products packaged in metal or glass containers which can be recycled or reused rather than plastic ones
  • look for products with a percentage of recycled materials
  • buy in bulk
  • shop at farmers markets - avoid food miles and plastic packaging
  • shop for products with less packaging, loose goods

Beauty and self-care

  • make your own beauty and household products
  • have a minimalist beauty routine to avoid wasting products
  • use a menstrual cup or washable pads (save money and the planet)
  • choose refillable beauty products
  • use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one


  • refill cleaning products
  • make your own cleaning products 
  • buy concentrated products in bulk (such as Dr Bronner castle soap), dilute and decant into glass bottles with pumps for a stylish and eco friendly bathroom
  • recycle cardboard, glass and plastic packaging