The plastic free promise: week 5

Jess Henshall

What did we do before clingfilm and plastic straws? In our plastic filled world it’s hard to believe that there was a time before plastic existed, but there was and there can still be. Food is one of the main users of plastic packaging, which is why this week’s Plastic Free Promise is all about reducing our use of plastic in food preparation, food on the go, and food shopping.

Food preparation:

  • use beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm which can be reused and don't contain plastic - tutorials for these are all over the internet
  • use reusable baking sheets
  • use metal straws instead of plastic ones - these are reusable, so easy to clean and nicer to drink out of once you get used to them
  • don’t use bottled water, get a water filter instead to keep in your fridge, plus Brita filters are recyclable in our shops!
  • cook from scratch to avoid the plastic packaging of ready meals

Food on the go:

  • bring your own food with you to avoid buying food with excess packaging
  • bring your own container with you when buying takeaway food (lots of places are happy to comply) to avoid single-use takeout containers

Food shopping:

  • buy in bulk to reduce excess packaging 
  • opt for loose fruit and veg as this is packaging free
  • shop at local farmers markets as this has travelled less food miles, doesn't get shipped in plastic and you can use your own bags as well as select the products yourself

If there are any idea we’ve missed, let us know! We’re always looking for ways we can cut down our use of plastic or other single use materials