The plastic free promise: week 4

Jess Henshall

The cosmetic industry is riddled with plastic and harsh chemicals, damaging our skin and our environment. This week’s Plastic Free Promise post is all about beauty products and how we can make changes from those which are harmful to those which do good. 

Whilst the beauty industry as a whole is mainly negative in terms of the environment, there are fantastic natural beauty brands using natural and organic ingredients, however lots of them still use plastic packaging. Luckily there are ways we can avoid this whilst still using high performing natural  and organic products. 

1. Choose multi use products

By using beauty products that can be used for more than one purpose, it lessens the need for too many products, therefore lessening packaging. Some examples or multi-use products include using a light shimmery cream eyeshadow as both an eyeshadow and highlighter, ideal for both day and night looks, or using a tinted lip balm as a lip and cheek tint. These products cane easily transformed from a day look into a night look through the use of red lipstick, a staple product in most of our makeup kits 

As we condense our makeup bag by using less products for more purposes, it quickly develops into a minimalistic kit. This is perfect in many ways such as for travelling, as it takes up less room whilst still achieving the same high quality natural makeup look, as well as for reducing our use of plastic. Most of us with a large makeup kit don't end up finishing a beauty product before moving onto a new one, especially with cosmetic products, so opting for a minimalistic makeup kit ensures that you’ll use up the products before buying new ones (and not falling for the latest trends) therefore not wasting products and energy in packaging and production. A minimalistic makeup kit might look like: cream eyeshadow (for eyeshadow and highlighter), tinted lip balm (for lip and cheeks), mascara, pencil eyeliner and concealer. 

2. Choose products with glass or metal packaging

Another way to eliminate our use of plastic packaging in beauty products is by selecting those which are packaged in metal or glass containers. These can either be recycled or reused, the latter being the best option as they can be repurposed for storage or for containing DIY beauty products. 

3. Choose refillable brands

Some natural beauty brands have developed to be refillable, offering their customers the option to buy a reusable metal or wooden container and then repurchasing the actual product as a refill, avoiding the need for excess packing for the product. This is a fantastic idea, however this can be quite a pricey option so is not for everyone. 

4. Makeup remover

You can also go plastic (and chemical) free with makeup remover too! Simply use a small amount of coconut oil or oil based cleanser with a reusable cotton or bamboo face cloth. The cloth can be washed and then used again, and coconut oil normally comes in a glass jar so can be recycled. 

Keep following along on our 6 week guide, and we can tackle one piece of plastic at a time for a plastic free future.