The Plastic Free Promise: Week 1

Jess Henshall

It’s a devastating thing to see the world around us become more and more volatile. Our beaches are filled with rubbish washed up from polluted seas, our streets are littered with multicoloured waste ripped by birds from bins or dropped carelessly from hands. The most common pollutant? Plastic. As part of Plastic Free Penzance we are doing our part to try and change the world around us, one piece of plastic at a time. 

For the next 6 weeks we’re sharing our guide to becoming plastic free, urging you and your loved ones to take up the Plastic Free Promise and make a difference to our world. By taking up this promise we’re becoming one step closer to zero waste, making our impact on the world very small and earth friendly. 

You can follow along on social media using #plasticfreepromise and together our small differences can make big changes.

This week, week 1 of the 6 week guide, is all about bags.

We wish plastic bags could be banned in the UK, but until that becomes a reality, we are striving to make small changes. At Archie’s we don’t offer plastic bags, and are passionate about encouraging our customers to use cotton and jute bags to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment. 

5 ways to use bags to go plastic free:

Bring your own shopping bags and say NO to plastic ones

Cotton bags are a great option as they don't take up much room and are earth friendly. Make sure to keep one in your handbag for when you need one, so you aren't caught out needing ones for your shopping. 

Skip the plastic produce bags. 

Most fruit and veg come wrapped in plastic, but this is easily avoidable. Buy loose fruit and veg and put them into a cotton string bag to avoid excess packaging and get through checkout easily. 

Make your own.

If you have lots of material at home, why not make your own tote bags. You can save money and the environment one bag at a time. Pinterest is a great resource for sewing patterns, with all sorts of DIY styles ready for you to make. 

Keep bags in your car or bike panniers

Most of us either drive or cycle to the shops, so keeping spare bags means you’ll have them to hand when you need them. 

Give presents in cotton bags

Skip the plasticised wrapping paper and give presents in pretty material bags instead. Plus, it’s 2 presents in one (who doesn't like a nice bag?)


Keep following along on our 6 week guide, and we can tackle one piece of plastic at a time for a plastic free future.