Meet the blogging team: Jess

Jess Henshall
Jess is our Saturday girl and resident blogger at Archie Browns PZ

I’m Jess – an avid foodie, writer and blogger. I’m on an ever changing journey to live a simple life, trying to exist in the moment and be more sustainable in my everyday approach. I’m on a mission to capture the small moments of the world and enjoy what life throws my way. 

I’ve been working at Archie Browns Penzance since February this year, in the ever buzzing shop and cafe. Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to join the Archie’s social media team, having run my own blog ( for four years now. It began as a platform for sharing my love of books with the world, but as I’ve grown, so has my passion for words. Since starting my blog in 2013, I’ve dipped my toes in all sorts of areas of writing, including books, food, lifestyle and creative writing. Since working at Archie Browns, I’ve unleashed my love for sharing foodie passions with the world, which is what’s brought me here.

As a student, I’m aware of the immense pressure when it comes to budgeting and living a more ethical lifestyle. There’s a constant battle between living affordably whilst still trying to enjoy the whole student experience, in whatever form that takes. Having been a vegetarian for most of my life, and a vegan for over two years, I understand how difficult it can feel to lead the student life alongside looking for a healthier approach to food and lifestyle. With so many so called “experts” giving their own advice about healthy living online, it can be hard to declutter the noise and find what works for you. Hopefully, this will be a space to find what works for you, as a student exploring a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

From now onwards, you can expect to find regular posts from me all about living the Archie’s lifestyle as a student and enjoying the perks that come with it. Posts you can look forward to “Let’s talk about…. going green”, and “eating on a budget”, all about going more sustainable in a less daunting way.