Let's talk about periods

Jess Henshall

Let’s talk about periods. It’s something that a huge proportion of the world’s population face on a regular basis, and lots of people suffer from, so why aren’t we talking about it more?

With such varying symptoms amongst women, it’s important to find the products and methods that work for your own body, depending on pain and flow levels. It’s not a topic that should be shied away from, as it’s a natural process the female body goes through, with varying effects for different people. 

If you're someone who’s interested in an eco-friendly approach to periods then look no further. We stock a range of different sanitary products, from tampons to moon cups.

In Archie Browns PZ we stock both Natracare and Organyc for more standard eco alternatives. In both their ranges are different types of tampons, pads, and pantyliners, and Natracare also make nursing pads. These are a great alternative to standard sanitary products, as they’re made with natural materials that are gentle on the skin, and better for the environment.

For a more earth friendly alternative is Mooncup and other collection cups, which are a one off purchase and don’t produce any waste. These products last for years, and cost the same amount as 6-8 months worth of disposable sanitary products. Mooncup is approved by the Vegan society and holds an Ethical Business status. These cup methods are much safer for the body than using tampons, as they don’t cause dryness, or leave any fibres behind.


Other than collection methods, the other side periods is pain relief. Our staff recommend:

Magnesium - we often crave chocolate when menstruating, because our bodies are needing the magnesium found in dark chocolate. It helps to relieve cramps by targeting and relaxing the contracting muscles

Agnus Castus - helps to regulate periods, reduce pain and flow, and help the overall fatigue of periods. Be aware that this product can only be taken for three months at a time. 

Starflower oil - balances hormones, so relieves PMS symptoms, such as mood swings, acne and breast tenderness


If you’re not sure what supplement to take, or need further advice, pop into either of our stores and our staff will be more than happy to assist.