Let's talk about natural deodorants

Jess Henshall
Just a small selection of the natural deodorants we stock

If you’re transitioning into a chemical free lifestyle, which can only be beneficial for both you and the environment, then switching to a natural deodorant might be something you’re considering. The problem is, there are so many natural deodorants on the market, which is brilliant, but also completely overwhelming, so here’s our guide to help you pick the right one for you. 

What sort of natural deodorant should I look for?

Luckily there are lots of natural deodorants available, in lots of different forms. You can use stick and roll on natural deodorants which look like the conventional ones we’re used to seeing, so if you don’t want to stick out from the crowd, then this is a good option in terms of looks, with natural ingredients. The Clay Cure deodorants are a perfect option for those looking for small production, eco friendly and completely natural ingredients. Clay Cure use ingredients which are both familiar, and easy to get hold of, so the ingredients list is very natural and earth friendly. We also sell and love salt rock deodorants, which again are very natural and good for sensitive skin, plus come in travel sizes for extra convenience. 

What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? 

One thing to realise with natural deodorants is that they’re not antiperspirants, meaning they won’t block the pores of your sweat glands. This is a good thing, as our bodies are designed to sweat, and when we use chemical filled antiperspirants, aluminium is used, which studies suggest lead to potential harmful effects on our bodies. If you’re a naturally sweaty person, then a natural deodorant might not be strong enough to reduce sweating, so you may need to look at your diet to solve this problem, if it is causing issues for you. Having said this, many people are able to use a natural deodorant as effectively as a conventional one, so it’s just a case of finding one which suits you and your body.

Do natural deodorants work?

Yes! Many of our staff members can vouch for this, with the Clay Cure deodorant being a strong favourite. Lots of the natural deodorants we stock are tried and tested by us, and we can say they definitely so work to stop smell, and for lots of people help with sweating too. 

Of course, all of our bodies work differently, so a deodorant that works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so it is really a case of trial and error. If you need any further advice then be sure to pop in and speak to one of our staff members.