Let's talk about eco friendly cleaning

Jess Henshall

If you’re a student leaving home for uni, or someone who hasn’t delved into the realm of natural cleaning products, then this is the blog post for you! Having been interested in sustainable living for many years, here at Archie’s we have come across lots of different eco friendly, natural and organic cleaning products. So, today we’ve got some tips on finding the right products for you.

Why choose an eco option:

When we use conventional household cleaning products, we are putting chemicals into our small environment of our homes, as well as the wider environment. Using an eco friendly option helps both the planet, and your health, as you’re not breathing in or being exposed to nasty chemicals. Of course, you can even go one step further to choose refills for products to reduce the amount of plastic in our atmosphere. 


One of the things we love is being able to provide refill services for our customers, as it reduces waste and is a cheaper alternative. In store we have refill options for companies such as Ecoleaf and Greenscents, both eco friendly alternatives to your usual cleaning products. Greenscents uses packaging made from plant sources, so isn’t actually classed at plastic and is biodegradable, meaning even if you’re buying more bottles, the environmental impact is considerably lower. One thing to realise with this type of refill is whilst they are a fantastic option for cheaper refills, it still uses the same amount of plastic as buying the equivalent in small bottles, as the liquid refills come in bigger containers. 

A solution to this, however, is the company Splosh whose refills don’t contain added water, so containers aren’t needed for the refills. Instead they come in small packages, so are perfect for going to uni as you don’t have to take loads of liquid products with you. Splosh’s ethos is that once you buy your starter kit (the bottle, containing a bottle worth of the product) it’s just a case of refilling, so no excess plastic is being used or wasted.

Other household cleaning products we stock:

  • degradable bin liners and freezer bags
  • paper sandwich bags
  • recycled tin foil
  • recycled plastic clothes pegs
  • eco friendly dishwasher tablets
  • recycled plastic washing up brushes and scourers
  • recycled kitchen towel, loo roll and tissues


*some of the products mentioned may not be available in both our stores due to stocking different products, however do feel free to ask any of our lovely members of staff who will be more than happy to help.