Keeping calm - our 5 tips

Jess Henshall

It’s that time of the year again when thousands of students up and down the country are anxiously  avoiding thinking about the dreaded (or eagerly awaited) exam results day. It can be a stressful time when it can feel as though your whole future rides on what that piece of paper holds, and although we can try to reassure you that there is a life beyond school and college, nothing can stop the panic ad anxiety that creeps in around results day. You can actively try to avoid thinking about it, but invariably part of you will still become flustered about those results. So, for if and when those moments of panic kick in, here’s our 5 tips to help keep calm:

1. essential oils - lavender

Of course this depends on your scent preference, but lavender is renowned for it's calming properties. If you’re interested in the pure essential oil, try putting a few drops on your wrists and inhale deeply. For out and about, the Bloom Remedies pulse point is perfectly convenient and very calming - it may be promoted more towards sleep time, but it works wonders for calming you down in moments of panic. Why not try a candle to calm those night before jitters (we love the Amour Natural lavender one) - both the smell and flicker of the candle can help to unwind and distract from panicked thoughts. 

2. bath salts

It’s true, a hot bath can help to relieve most stresses, but the combination of a good hot soak with bath salts is undoubtably a perfect combination to calm your mind. The ‘Still The Mind Bath Blend’ from Clay Cure is a must, and when coupled with a hot bath, you’ll be sure to feel your worries slipping away as the salts work their way into your muscles. If you’re not able to enjoy these in a bath, then even by soaking your feet in them with hot water you’ll feel the benefits.  

3. boosting your immune system 

It’s important to have a strong immune system to support your body and mind when things are feeling unbalanced. If your mind isn’t in it’s strongest state, then its best to make sure your body is able to compensate. If you seem to get hit by viruses when you’re emotionally strained, then there are a few things you can take to help, including:

  • Multivitamins - a general boost to the system to help your body combat viruses so your mind can focus on what it needs to
  • Starflower oil - balances hormones so is uplifting, perfect for when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed
  • Magnesium - a calming and relaxing mineral great for regulating the nervous system to help cope with stress by alleviating anxiety 
  • B vitamins - balances your neurotransmitters to keep you calm, and helps to prevent your brain going into an anxious overload
  • Combination 5 - 5 different phosphates to target different bodily needs such as nerves and spasms, and is great for calming the mind and body

If you’re not sure what you should be taking in terms of supplements, then pop into one of our two stores where our staff will be more than happy to have a chat to find what’s best for you. 

4. protein

As with most things, stress can be relieved through diet just as much as through supplements and aromatherapy. Eating protein rich foods helps to boost energy and keep your body balanced by stabilising blood sugar levels and naturally balancing hormones which prevents mood changes - definitely helpful when trying to stay calm.  

5. distraction

If all else fails, then often the best way to deal with anxiety is to distract yourself from whatever it is you’re stressing about, especially pre exam results. Why not get out for some air, read a book, or watch a film - anything that can help you escape from your own thoughts will help to forget (even temporarily) your exam results worries.

Even if you’re not facing exam results, life likes to throw stresses and panic our way all year round, so these tips are handy for when those anxieties need calming.