5 ways to switch to organic

Jess Henshall

With organic September here, lead by the Soil Association, we thought it was a good time to share our tips on switching to organic. It can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start with transitioning to organic, especially if you’re on a low budget, so here are our 5 tips to get you started. 

1. look for the soil association logo

Perhaps the simplest way to make the switch with pre packed food and products is to look for the soil association logo. This way you know for sure that the products you’re buying are organic, and have gone through all of the necessary checks. 

2. prioritise the dirty dozen and go cheaper on the clean fifteen

If you’re on a lower budget, then this is a great way to still transition to organic food. The “dirty dozen” is a list of fruit and vegetables which contain and absorb the most pesticides, so these are the ones to prioritise when shopping for organic. The “clean fifteen” is a list of fruit and vegetables that contain and absorb the least amount of pesticides, so are fine as non-organic, meaning you can save money on the clean fifteen and spend slightly more on organic for the dirty dozen.



3. buy organic dairy products - no growth hormones or pesticides

Non-organic dairy and meat products contain growth hormones as well as pesticides, so are definitely ones to avoid, to help your body, the environment and the animals. Organic dairy products are a much better option, as they don't contain nasty chemicals. 

4. buy seasonally and locally for organic produce

Lots of local famers and market stalls sell organic produce, so shopping in season will mean you can find organic local food at a cheaper cost. 

5. switch household products for organic

Something we often forget when looking for a more natural lifestyle is the products we use daily, as we tend to focus more on what we’re putting in our bodies, rather than on and around them. Luckily there are more and more natural, organic and chemical free household products on the market such as washing up liquid, multi purpose sprays, makeup and more available.