10 easy steps to support your liver

Beth our lovely Nutritionist has composed a list of the very best ways to love your liver.

Lemons on a tree
  1. Drink eight glasses of filtered water per day.
  2. Increase these foods: celery, garlic, berries, pomegranate, beetroot, kale, Lemon, cruciferous veg (especially broccoli), sprouted seeds (especially alfalfa), avocado, rocket, watercress, onions and red pepper.
  3. Drink nice warming and detoxing herbal teas e.g. turmeric, green tea, pukka detox tea and milk thistle etc..
  4. Avoid eating /drinking caffeine, meat, dairy, gluten, and table salt in large quantities
  5. Avoid completely if possible: processed meats e.g. bacon, chorizo etc Sugar, Alcohol and trans fats (hydrogenated fats).
  6. Increase fresh herbs e.g. Coriander and Parsley (which are especially good for heavy metal chelation.)
  7. Eat plenty of fibre e.g. vegetables, wholegrain rice, oat bran, and psyllium husk. This will help excrete toxins through the digestion
  8. Supplements that may be useful:
    • A multi-vitamin, Amino acids and B vitamins, e.g. "Liver support" by Higher Nature and "Multi- Liver formula" by Nutri
    • A fish oil e.g. Viridian's organic Scandinavian trout oil or a vegan omega 3 algae supplement e.g. Biocare Phytomega 3.
    • Probiotics e.g. Biokult, or Renew Life.
    • A fibre supplement e.g. Fibresmart by Renew LifeAn anti-oxidant e.g. Higher nature Astaxanthin and Blackcurrant supplement.
  9. Saunas, exercise and relaxing things like yoga can be really helpful with lymphatic movement.
  10. Rest is lovely and something your body needs to rejuvenate and repair, make a bit of time for yourself even if it is an Epsom salt bath, some candles and deep breathing!